Protect Shared Accounts

Gain full, real-time visibility into all shared user account access attempts across your hybrid environment with security controls with Silverfort.

Inventory &

Have real-time insights into all access requests and authentications made by shared user accounts in your environment.


Create high-precision and continuously updated behavioral baselines for each shared user account across your hybrid environment with Silverfort’s AI-based risk engine.

Threat Detection

Monitor all shared user access activity across your on-prem, SaaS and cloud workloads to detect authentication anomalies and shared user accounts at risk of compromise.

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Gain powerful insights into your hybrid network

Analyze all on-prem and cloud user access attempts to identify security weaknesses and users, devices, and services at risk of compromise.

Investigate quickly and efficiently

Gain complete visibility into all shared user access trails across on-prem, SaaS, and IaaS workloads. Incorporate continuous risk assessment based on behavioral analysis, known attack patterns, and assigned privileges.

Enrich your SOC with granular access logs

Silverfort sends shared user access logs to your SIEM/SOAR/UEBA/log analytics solutions, enabling your SOC teams to monitor and assess all user and service account access attempts in real-time.

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