Identity Security & Posture Management

Gain comprehensive visibility into security gaps, misconfigurations, malpractices, and legacy infrastructure that expose your environment to identity threats.

Identity Threat Exposure

Discover Identity Threat Exposures (ITE) that allow adversaries to perform credential access, privilege escalation, and lateral movement.

AD Hardening

Resolve any detected issue in your AD, cloud IdP, or federation infrastructure by continuously monitoring their resilience to the widest range of identity threats.

Identity Infrastructure Hygiene

Pinpoint operational issues such as failed authentications and on-prem accounts that were accidentally synced to the cloud.

Enhance identity threat resilience

Use Silverfort’s automated analysis to effortlessly discover weaknesses that expose your environment to identity threats, including legacy protocols (NTLMv1, cleartext LDAP, etc.), shadow admins, domain configuration issues, password hygiene and others.

Harden your identity infrastructure

Gain granular visibility into the gaps in your identity security posture and prevent adversaries from exploiting them either in the respective identity infrastructure component or with Silverfort policies.

Resolve AD operational issues

Detect repeated failed authentications, accounts that were mistakenly synced from AD to your cloud IdP, expired accounts that are still authenticating, and other issues that slow down and burden your AD operational routine.

“With the help of Silverfort, we were able to fill a critical gap in our identity security which we were experiencing, which was key for our overall security posture.”

Katie McMillan, Agilisys’s Information Security Manager.

  • The Challenge

    Due to the different security challenges and increased awareness of identity-based attack methods, Agilisys needed an identity security solution that would help them strengthen their security posture and hygiene and fit all their security needs.

  • The Solution

    With Silverfort, Agilisys improved its organizational security hygiene by enforcing MFA capabilities across all its users and environments and gaining insights into all their users’ activity.

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