Silverfort for Compliance

Compliance with regulations and standards is critical to every organization. Silverfort assists you in meeting the identity protection requirements, with its MFA, PAM, and service account protection.
NY-DFS Part 500 | PCI-DSS 4.0 | NIS2 Directive | DORA | MAS Cybersecurity | Essential Eight | UK Telecoms Security Framework | CCOP 2.0 | UK Cyber Essentials

NY-DFS Part 500


Silverfort enables organizations that are subject to NY-DFS cybersecurity regulation to fully meet its MFA and privileged access management requirements, as well as the identity aspect of threat detection and response. Silverfort’s Identity Security Posture Management (ISPM), MFA, ITDR and service account protection address the full range of NY-DFS identity protection requirements in a single solution.

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Silverfort provides organizations that employ the processing of credit card data to meet the new requirements listed in version 4.0 of PCI-DSS. Silverfort directly addresses the Strong Access Controls group, as well as the identity protection aspect of the Secure Networks and Systems, and Continuous Monitoring.

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NIS2 Directive


Silverfort enables organizations to meet NIS2 MFA requirements to the highest extent, applying MFA protection to all privileged users across any access method and resource, including those that could have never been protected by MFA before, such as command-line access, legacy applications, IT infrastructure, and many more.

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Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA)


Silverfort addresses the identity protection requirements outlined in DORA for organizations in the financial services sector. Silverfort provides the entire identity protection aspect of risk management and governance, incident response and reporting, resilience testing and third-party risk management.

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MAS Cybersecurity


Silverfort enables its customers to align with the vast array of MAS requirements that pertain to Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), protection of privileged accounts, including machine-to-machine service accounts, and prevention, detection, and response of identity threats.

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Essential Eight


Silverfort fully addresses the identity protection aspects of the Essential Eight framework. Silverfort enables organization to easily meet their desired maturity level in both Restrict Privileged Access, and Multi-Factor Authentication requirement groups.

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UK Telecommunications Security Framework (TSF)


Silverfort enables Telco providers to fully meet the privileged access protection requirements outlined in the TSF. Silverfort automates the discovery and protection of all privileged users, including machine-to-machine service accounts, as continuous monitoring, prevention, detection, response to identity threats.

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Cybersecurity Code of Practice for Critical Information Infrastructure (CCOP) 2.0


Silverfort enables operators of critical infrastructure in Singapore to align with the updated requirements of CCOP across MFA, privileged access, account management and Domain Controller protection.

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UK Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus


Silverfort assists UK organizations to map and adjust their identity protection measures to the best practices on which the Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus assessments are founded. Silverfort checks the key boxes within the user access controls and multi-factor authentication groups.

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