Achieving Zero-Trust Security
Without Rebuilding Your Networks

In a perimeter-less world, with countless users, devices and systems communicating with each other across on-premises and multi-cloud environments, implementing a true zero-trust security model is very challenging. Proxies can’t ensure secure access within each environment. Deploying agents on servers or integrating with each application is an endless task, and in some cases, impossible.

A Holistic Zero Trust Security Model Without Agents or Proxies

Silverfort enables organizations to implement a holistic zero-trust security model without deploying software agents or proxies, and without requiring changes to existing networks. Unlike mainstream Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) solutions that are implemented for specific systems (typically VPN gateways and web applications), Silverfort’s innovative architecture ensures secure access to any system, no matter where it is, or what it is. This includes user-to-machine and machine-to-machine access, as well as any administrative access. Because Silverfort avoids any modifications to existing assets and infrastructure, it allows not only small agile companies but also large traditional enterprises to achieve zero trust security throughout their networks.