Zero Trust

Implement zero trust security in the identity control plane with adaptive least-privilege access policies across every on-prem and cloud resource – all without making any changes to your applications or infrastructure.


Apply secure access controls across all users and resources. Silverfort’s agentless and proxyless architecture seamlessly integrates with every on-prem and cloud IdP in your environment.


Gain full visibility of all authentication and access attempts to better analyse user-resource interactions and enable adaptive access policies.

Rapid Time
to Value

Achieve zero trust protection across your entire environment within hours of initial deployment. Avoid integrations with specific systems and modifications to network architecture with Silverfort’s non-intrusive zero trust security model.

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Analyze the full context of every user access attempt

Holistic monitoring of all user and machine access to any resource in any environment with real-time risk analysis that leverages the complete context, based on Gartner’s CARTA framework.

Never trust,
always verify

Silverfort verifies user identities across all environments with adaptive and continuous authentication policies, using either Silverfort or any third-party MFA. By continually identifying the network’s critical assets, users, services, and data, you can prioritize and create security policies.

Fortune 100 Company
Case Study

Silverfort enables us to simplify our identity zero trust strategy with its integration with our entire IAM infrastructure and enforcement of granular access policies across all our users and resources.

Company CISO

  • Customer Challenge

    The organization needed to increase its protection against identity-based attacks that use compromised credentials to access resources. This protection should have applied to all assets in their hybrid environment, from legacy on-prem applications to cloud workloads and SaaS.

  • Silverfort Solution

    With Silverfort, the organization unified all its users and resources under a single zero trust access policy engine. Silverfort’s visibility into all authentications and access attempts on-prem and in the cloud gave them the full context and risk of each authentication, allowing them to enforce least-privilege access policies across all environments.

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