Silverfort and Microsoft

Partnering to provide end-to-end protection

Partner With Silverfort

At Silverfort, we believe that partnerships are key
to our continued success and growth.

Our partner network includes leading value-added distributors and resellers, advisory consultants, global system integrators, technology partners and more. Together with our partners, and thanks to their combined strengths, we can help customers extend and consolidate their identity security, accelerate cloud migration, achieve compliance and prevent data breaches.

Technology Partners

Silverfort partners with leading IAM, identity security and threat protection vendors to create the ultimate identity protection framework. Silverfort’s technology integrations help organizations to visualize, detect, prevent and respond to identity-based attacks as a native part of their existing tech stacks.

Channel Partners

By partnering with Silverfort, you can offer your customers every aspect of identity protection:

  • Complement your existing IAM and MFA offerings with extended MFA coverage for all systems that couldn’t be protected in that manner before.
  • Enhance your XDR offering with proactive protection against lateral movement and ransomware propagation attacks.
  • Enable compliance with cyber insurance MFA requirements and other regulatory frameworks.

Cyber Insurance Partners

Silverfort offers a dedicated program to incentivize insurance brokers to grow their business. This is divided into three partner pillars:

  • Recommendations – Expedited access for clients to Silverfort experts.
  • Referrals – Fees or rebates for each client enrolled.
  • Resellers – Incentives for packaging Silverfort with Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solutions, email phishing tools, or other security systems that help clients meet enhanced cybersecurity requirements.

Silverfort is an Identity Defined
Security Alliance Partner

Silverfort is a proud member of the IDSA – a community that provides the framework and practical guidance to help organizations put identity at the center of their security strategy. Together with other IDSA members, Silverfort takes part in various educational and research activities to illustrate the continuous increase in scope and sophistication of cyber attacks that target the identity attack surface, as well as best practices to secure the modern enterprise against them.

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