Join Silverfort’ partners program to offer your customers the next generation of secure authentication.


Silverfort integrates with leading security, IAM and cloud providers. By monitoring the customers’ infrastructure and analyzing their various security alerts, Silverfort can deliver unparalleled secure authentication and zero-trust access policies across all sensitive assets in all environments, and leverage alerts from partners’ products as triggers for step-up authentication.

Together with our partners, we enable real-time threat prevention without blocking legitimate users, therefore improving both security and productivity.

Among Silverfort’s partners are leading technology providers including Microsoft, Okta, Ping Identity, RSA, Yubico, Duo Security, Palo Alto Networks, Check Point Security, and Oracle.

Silverfort has technology partnerships with these four categories:


Identity and
PAM providers

integrate with Silverfort to gain secure authentication capabilities and unified adaptive policies without deploying agents or proxies.


MFA providers

integrate with Silverfort to extend their coverage to resources they can’t currently protect.


Threat Detection and
Risk Analysis Providers

integrate with Silverfort to leverage its agentless step-up authentication as real-time response to detected threats, and for using its MFA result as automated feedback.


Cloud Providers

integrate with Silverfort to help customers migrate sensitive homegrown and legacy systems to the cloud (‘lift-and-shift’) by securing their authentication without modifying them.



Silverfort offers unique value for security solution providers and MSPs and for their customers, by enabling secure authentication and access to systems that no other authentication solution can be integrated with, and by enforcing AI-driven adaptive policies across corporate networks and cloud environments. Silverfort offers its platform as SaaS or as a VM, without scale limits and without impacting productivity. Silverfort does not require any agents or proxies, which makes deployment and support easier than ever for the partner. Silverfort offers comprehensive training and support for its partners, and helps them grow their business.


Silverfort is a proud member of the IDSA – a community that provides the framework and practical guidance to help organizations put identity at the center of their security strategy.

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