Cyber Insurance Compliance

Silverfort ensures full compliance with the new extended MFA requirements of cyber insurance policies, by enabling MFA for all on-prem and cloud resources including legacy systems, with rapid implementation time and without the need for agents or proxies.

Full Cyber Insurance

Renew your cyber liability policy by checking off all its MFA requirements: email, remote network, and internal and external admin access.


Enforce MFA access control on all on-prem and cloud resources in your environment to proactively prevent ransomware attacks.

Rapid Time
to Value

Fully deploy Silverfort in your production environment within the timeframe set by your broker.

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How does Silverfort’s MFA solution ensure cyber insurance compliance?

Silverfort uses agentless and proxyless technology to extend MFA to all users and resources included in the new cyber insurance checklist:

  • Email
  • Remote network access
  • Internal and external admin access
    • Networking infrastructure
    • Directories
    • IT & Security Management
    • Servers & Workstations

Extend MFA across all access interfaces

Apply MFA to command line tools used in ransomware attacks, including PsExec, PowerShell, WMI and others. No other MFA solution can protect these access interfaces.

Deploy Silverfort rapidly and easily

Numerous customers have fully deployed Silverfort in their production environments within days or even hours, due to its agentless and proxyless architecture that enabled them to easily meet insurers’ deadline for policy renewal.

How they rate us:

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the new cyber insurance requirements?

    New cyber insurance regulations require the extension of MFA to all users and resources included in the new cyber insurance checklist, including email, remote network access, and internal/external admin access.

  • Why have insurance brokers required this new list of MFA requirements?

    Because MFA is the tested and proven solution for preventing the propagation of ransomware attacks.

  • Can Silverfort provide all the cyber liability compliance MFA requirements, i.e., email, remote network, and internal and external admin access?

    Definitely. However, it is up to you to choose whether you want to consolidate your MFA stack in Silverfort or keep using your existing solution for email and network side by side with Silverfort.

  • I’m already using an MFA solution on my email and network. Would I have to replace it if I use Silverfort?

    Certainly not. You can integrate Silverfort with the MFA solution you’re already using to gain both full compliance and a consistent user experience for your workforce,