Hybrid IAM Consolidation

Enforce modern identity security and cloud-based SSO across your on-prem and multi-cloud resources into your cloud IdP of choice.


Extend IAM, risk-based authentication, and multi-factor authentication to all applications and resources across your hybrid cloud and on-prem environments.


Configure, manage and enforce access policies for all users and service accounts across your entire network and all on-prem and cloud resources – from a single platform.


Unified User

Improve user experience with a consistent sign-in process for all legacy and cloud resources, and minimize MFA fatigue with adaptive access policies.

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Discover all applications and resources in your environment

Automatically discover all applications and resources in your hybrid environment, whether on-prem or cloud, and across all directories and federation services.

Migrate applications to your cloud IAM

Prioritize and optimize the migration of cloud and modern web applications to your cloud IAM of choice based on dependencies and usage insights.

Bridge the applications you can’t migrate natively

Use Silverfort’s innovative technology to connect legacy on-prem resources to your cloud IAM, so security controls, visibility and user experience can extend across your entire hybrid network.

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