Privileged Access Management

Protect your privileged accounts from compromise quickly and seamlessly with adaptive access policies that enforce MFA protection on all on-prem and cloud resources.

MFA on All
Access Interfaces

Prevent attackers from using compromised credentials to access resources by enforcing MFA protection on all privileged accounts, regardless of access method, authentication protocol, or resource type.

Rapid Time
to Value

Protect your privileged accounts within hours of the initial deployment without the need for custom configurations, password rotations, plugins or vaulting. Just a simple policy configuration and your accounts will be secured.

Dedicated PAM

If you already have a PAM solution in place, place an additional layer of protection over your privileged users by applying MFA verification to every access to the credentials stored in the vault, as well as to the PAM management interface itself.

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Automated admin account discovery

Get immediate visibility into all your admin accounts for continuous monitoring and risk analysis of their full authentication trail across on-prem and cloud resources.

Service account protection

Achieve end-to-end coverage of your privileged users with risk-based policies for the service accounts that cannot be protected with vaulting and password rotation, providing them the same security level as your human users.

Safeguarding your PAM

If you already have a PAM solution deployed, add another layer of security with adaptive MFA on all its access interfaces to prevent threat actors from accessing it even when they manage to compromise credentials.

Case Study

Since replacing my PAM solution with Silverfort, authenticating and securing my privileged users’ access has never been easier. Having a product that provides additional security controls and advanced visibility is absolutely a no-brainer.

Katie McMillan | Lead Information Security Manager

  • Customer Challenge

    Agilisys realized that the security of their privileged users and sensitive resources was of paramount importance. It was vital for Agilisys to secure all its users and resources with the proper level of multi-factor authentication (MFA) while deploying a scalable solution.

  • Silverfort Solution

    Silverfort enables Agilisys to secure their privilege accounts, Remote Powershell Access, and Active Directory with multi-factor authentication in a matter of weeks, compared to PAM solutions which can often take months or even years to deploy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is privileged access management?

    Privileged access management (PAM) is the cybersecurity strategy and technology that helps secure, control, manage and monitor privileged access to critical assets and resources.

  • How does privileged access management work?

    PAM solutions take the credentials of privileged accounts and put them inside a secure repository to reduce the risk of those credentials being stolen. Users who have privileged access will need to go through the PAM system to access their credentials. At this point, the user is authenticated and their access request is logged.

  • Why should you adopt a privileged access management solution?

    A PAM system offers an advanced layer of security while providing in-depth analysis of access requests, logging all accesses, and monitoring for any malicious activity.

  • Can Silverfort complement my PAM solution?

    Definitely. PAM is ideal for local computer accounts, and this is where your vaulting efforts would yield the best results. Silverfort, on the other hand, is best suited for your domain accounts (shared, personal, and service accounts) which are the prime target of lateral movement attacks and ransomware propagation.

  • Does Silverfort replace PAM solutions?

    No. Silverfort provides additional layers of security by extending MFA to extremely sensitive PAM implementations.