Silverfort provides service account protection, preventing attackers’ ability to abuse them for lateral movement and unauthorized access. Enterprises typically find both visibility and proactive protection of service accounts a challenging task. Silverfort addresses these challenges by automating the discovery of all service accounts within the organization, profiling their activity and creating an access policy for each service account based on its unique behavior. This is achieved without having to modify the accounts or rotate their passwords.

Automated Discovery & Monitoring

Find all service accounts and non-human identities, including ones you aren’t aware of. Gain unified visibility of all your service accounts as well as their activity and risk level.

Proactive Threat

Block service accounts’ access to resources upon deviation from their desired activity, creating a ‘virtual fence’ for service accounts with a Zero Trust approach.

No Password

Gain full protection to your service accounts at scale, without the complexity and operational disruption entailed in password rotation.

Silverfort’s 4-Step Journey toward Securing Service Accounts

Discover all your Service Accounts

  • Automated AI-based discovery of all accounts with machine-like behavior, as well as typical service account attributes and naming conventions.

  • Discover accounts that are being shared by both human users and services.

Monitor Activity and Risk

  • Continuous monitoring of service accounts’ access activity.

  • High-precision anomaly detection.

  • Risk scoring for each access attempt.

  • Rich contexutal data for security teams.

Evaluate Suggested Policies

  • Silverfort automatically suggests a tailor-made policy for each service account, based on its behavioral pattern.

  • Deviation from this pattern results in either blocking access in real time or alerting the SOC team.

Enforce Proactive Protection

  • Chosen policies can be enforced in a single click.

  • Customers can start with alerting mode and gradually advance to full prevention.

  • Complete flexibility to fine-tune and adjust protection as needed.
  • Enforcement does not require password rotation or any other modifications to the account.