Securing Service Accounts

Discover, monitor and protect service accounts (M2M access) with fully automated visibility, risk analysis and adaptive Zero Trust policies, without requiring password rotation.

Automated Discovery
& Monitoring

Gain automatic and comprehensive visibility into all your service accounts and non-human identities, including the ones you’re not aware of, as well as real-time insights into their activity and risk level.

Proactive Threat

Place a virtual perimeter around your service accounts with ready-to-use Zero Trust access policies tailored to each account’s behavior to prevent threat actors from using them in lateral movement attacks.

No Password

Protect your service accounts completely and at scale without the operational concerns of unknown dependencies and the breaking of mission-critical processes that comes from password rotation.

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Discover all of your service accounts

  • Automated AI-based discovery of all accounts with machine-like behavior, as well as typical service account attributes and naming conventions.

  • Discover accounts that are being shared by both human users and services.

Monitor service account activity and risk

  • Continuous monitoring of service accounts’ access activity

  • High-precision anomaly detection

  • Risk scoring for each attempt

  • Rich contextual data for security teams

Evaluate service account policies


  • Silverfort automatically suggests a tailor-made policy for each service account based on its behavioral pattern.

  • Deviation from this pattern results in either blocking access in real time or alerting the SOC team.

Enforce proactive protection

  • Chosen policies can be enforced in a single click.

  • Customers can start with alerting mode and gradually advance to full prevention.

  • Customers have complete flexibility to fine-tune and adjust protection as needed.

  • Enforcement does not require password rotation or any other modifications to the account.

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