Silverfort is the first solution to deliver real-time protection against lateral movement attacks and automatically propagated ransomware attacks for both on-prem and cloud environments. Silverfort enables adaptive MFA on all user access, including Active Directory authentications via command line remote access tools such as PsExec, Powershell, WMI, and others that had never been subject to MFA protection before. This radically reduces attackers’ ability to utilize such tools for lateral movement.

Real-Time Lateral Movement Prevention

Accurately detect and block lateral movement attempts in real-time by stepping up the authentication requirements and blocking unauthenticated access requests.


Combine rule-based and risk-based policies to effectively block lateral movement techniques such as Pass the Hash, Pass the Ticket and automated ransomware propagation.

Protecting the
Hybrid Network

Protect your on-prem, SaaS and IaaS workloads against advanced lateral movement attacks that cross your hybrid networks.

High-Fidelity Protection

Silverfort continuously applies AI-based risk analysis to each access attempt to detect any anomalies that indicate lateral movement activity.

Real Time Prevention

Silverfort applies adaptive MFA policies across all access interfaces that lateral movement utilizes, including command line tools that could never have been protected with MFA before, effectively eliminating an attacker’s ability to complete malicious authentication to new machines in the environment.

Investigate Detected Threats

Silverfort delivers a single pane of glass showing the full authentication and access trail of each user and service account, to expedite and optimize forensic investigation of incidents involving lateral movement attempts.