Lateral Movement Prevention

Detect and block attackers from accessing resources in your environment by enforcing adaptive MFA protection on PsExec, PowerShell, WMI and other command line interfaces for the first time.

MFA Protection

Eliminate attackers’ ability to perform lateral movement by enforcing MFA protection on all command line interfaces, including PsExec, PowerShell, WMI, etc.

Attack Containment

Isolate and remediate compromised machines and accounts before an attack spreads by detecting and preventing malicious access attempts in real time.

Defense in Depth

Implement multi-layered protection that combines rule-based policies, capable of anticipating lateral movement activities, with risk-based policies, triggered by anomalous behaviour and techniques.

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High-Fidelity Protection

Silverfort continuously applies AI-based risk analysis to each access attempt to detect any anomalies that indicate lateral movement activity.

Real Time Prevention

Silverfort eliminates an attacker’s ability to move laterally by applying adaptive MFA policies across all access interfaces including command line tools for the first time.

Investigate Threats

Expedite and optimise incident investigations by viewing the full authentication and access trail of each user and service account with Silverfort’s platform.

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