Silverfort utilizes its integration with all the IAM solutions in the hybrid on-prem and multi-cloud environment to perform continuous monitoring of each and every access attempt. Silverfort applies its AI-driven risk engine to this data to gain the full activity context of all users and resources. This enables both high–precision, real time detection of anomalies that indicate malicious activity, as well as ongoing visibility for auditing, forensic investigations and threat hunting.

Gain the
Full Context

AI is only as good as the data it works with. Silverfort is the only solution that analyzes all authentication telemetry across all systems to deliver the full behavioral profile of every user and resource.

Detect Attacks Across Hybrid Networks

Continuous monitoring and analysis of all access activity across the on-prem, SaaS and cloud workload environments to detect anomalies and unauthorized access in real-time.

Investigate and Hunt
for Threats

Granular visibility into each and every access attempt, empowering security teams to conduct rapid and efficient investigation and threat hunting.

Gain Insights into your Hybrid Network

Continuous analysis and correlation of all access attempts across both on-prem and cloud, to identify risky users, devices and services, and to point out security weaknesses.

Investigate Rapidly and Efficiently

Full visibility into each user’s access trail across on-prem, SaaS and IaaS workloads, and continuous risk assessment based on behavioral analysis, known attack patterns, assigned privileges and third-party risk indicators.

Enrich Your SOC with Granular Access Logs

Silverfort sends detailed access logs in real-time to your SIEM/SOAR/UEBA/log analytics solutions, to provide SOC teams with full visibility of all user and service account access attempts and risk scores.

Silverfort's Risk Engine