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Silverfort Unified Identity Protection Platform

Enforce adaptive policies and advanced secure access controls across all resources, access interfaces and users in the hybrid environment

How does it work?

Silverfort integrates with all the identity providers in your environment to deliver secure authentication across every resource on-prem and in the cloud.

User Accounts +

Standard Users

Privileged Users

Service Accounts

Access Interfaces +

• Desktop Logon
• PsExec
• Remote PowerShell
• Web Browser
• File Share
• etc

Enterprise Resources +

    • Homegrown\Legacy Apps
    • Workstations & Servers
    • SaaS Apps
    • File Servers & Databases
    • IT Infrastructure
    • Cloud Workloads
    • Industrial Systems

Forwarded Access Request Verdict: Trusted\Untrusted

Identity Providers

On-Prem Directories (AD, RADIUS)

Cloud IdPs (Entra ID/Azure AD, Okta, Ping)

Federation (ADFS, PingFederate)

VPNs and Proxies


Hygiene & Monitoring +

    • Audit access request
    • Update behavioral baseline
    • Provide insights and reports

Identity Threat
Detection & Response +

    • Anomaly Detection
    • Known Malicious Patterns
    • External Risk Indicators

Identity Threat Prevention +

    • Multi Factor Authentication
    • Risk Based Authentication
    • Service Account Protection

Security Stack:
  • SIEM
  • XDR
  • SOAR
Third-Party MFA +

What do you get?


Rapid & Easy Installation

Leverage Silverfort’s agentless and proxyless architecture to quickly and easily cover all your users and resources without blind spots, increasing their identity protection from day one.


Risk Engine

Ingest and correlate all authentication and access requests from all users to detect risk via anomalous behavior, malicious traffic patterns and external risk feeds.



Proactively prevent threat actors from using compromised credentials to access on-prem and cloud resources by configuring access policies.


Reporting & Alerting

Gain real-time visibility into users’ login activities with alerts and custom reports tailored to your specific needs, so you can optimize inventory management, compliance and security operations.

Technology Building Blocks

Silverfort Unified Identity Protection is founded on four core technologies:


Non-intrusive Protection

Monitor and control all authentication traffic without agents, proxies or modification of applications’ code


Encrypted Authentication Visibility

Gain insight into encrypted authentication protocols in real time without decryption (no need for keys, no exposure of secrets).


Full Context Risk Analysis

Correlate and analyze all user and machine access across all IAM platforms with a unified AI-based engine.


Bridging Between Directories

Act as a translator between different protocols and IAM solutions to connect all resources into a cloud IAM platform.

Silverfort and Microsoft partner to deliver end-to-end identity protection and Zero Trust to the hybrid enterprise


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