Authentication Firewall

Actively govern and control access to resources based on user identity in a single click with no infrastructure changes.

The Power of Deny 

Automatically deny access in real time when an authentication attempt or access request violates policy parameters. 

Attack Surface Reduction

Increase your environment’s resilience to identity threats by eliminating the use of insecure protocols such as NTLMv1 and cleartext LDAP, as well as other risky authentications.

Identity Segmentation 

Enforce least privileged access policies on your workforce, ensuring users only access the resources they truly need and removing any excessive access.

Real-Time Prevention

Silverfort’s deny access policies can block malicious or suspicious requests and authentication attempts in real time across all users, systems and access methods. These policies will automatically deny access to any compromised account, preventing attackers from moving laterally for further malicious access.

Segmenting Least Privilege Access

Block access requests in real time with group-segmented policies that provide full visibility into every user and authentication activity and alert on any denied access requests.

Silverfort’s authentication firewall has helped us to apply deny access policies across our organization, which has significantly strengthened our security posture. We’ve been able to effectively mitigate identity threats by ensuring only authenticated users have access to our resources.”

Head of IAM of a leading retail organization 

  • The Challenge

    The company realized it needed to strengthen its security posture across its entire organization due to the various identity security risks posed by its users when accessing corporate resources. They needed to be able to limit who was allowed to access which resources and systems.

  • The Solution

    With Silverfort, the company has adopted the principle of least privilege by creating group-segmented access policies and applying deny access policies on user groups when needed. Now the company can enforce more strict access controls on each user, resulting in a more powerful security posture for the entire company.

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