Advanced Multi-Factor Authentication

Extend MFA protection to all your cloud and on-prem resources without modifying them, including legacy applications, command line interfaces and OT systems.


Apply MFA protection to legacy applications, command line access on servers and workstations, file shares, networking and IT infrastructure, external and internal admin access, and other resources that couldn’t be protected before.

& Proxyless

Use Silverfort’s innovative architecture to gain end-to-end MFA coverage without modifying servers and applications, deploying proxies in your network, or installing agents on your machines.

Use the MFA
of Your Choice

Use Silverfort as your ultimate MFA solution or leverage its native integrations with leading providers, including Microsoft, Okta, Ping, Yubico, Duo, RSA, HYPR, etc.

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Protect all your resources and access interfaces

  • Homegrown applications

  • Legacy systems

  • Admin access tools

  • File systems and databases

  • VPN

  • IT infrastructure

  • Desktop login

  • RDP & SSH

  • SaaS applications

  • VDI & Citrix

Extend or consolidate your MFA solution

Extend your existing MFA solution to cover resources and use cases that weren’t natively supported. Alternatively, consolidate your MFA solutions into one to lower costs and provide a more consistent user experience.

Replace your traditional MFA solution

Silverfort’s unified identity protection platform can completely replace any MFA solution, delivering broader protection, simpler maintenance and significant savings while addressing MFA, PAM and UEBA.

Case Study

Many large enterprises find it difficult to quickly implement secure employee authentication across all their different environments. Silverfort’s innovative solution simplifies this process without the need for system modifications, so enterprises can save time and money.

William Woo | Group CIO

  • Customer Challenge

    Core parts of Singtel’s environments and systems are on-prem and required MFA protection. Singtel quickly realized that implementing MFA agents on every application server was impractical due to the large number of machines and code change requirements. They needed a more scalable solution.


  • Silverfort Solution

    Since deploying Silverfort, Singtel has successfully scaled MFA protection capabilities to all of their on-prem environments and systems. Singtel’s infrastructure team was pleased that no code changes to applications or deployment of agents were needed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is MFA and how does it work?

    Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is a security technology that validates users’ identities. It achieves this by asking users to provide additional evidence of their identity on top of their credentials, usually in the form of a numerical code sent via SMS, email, or an authenticator app.

  • Why do organizations need MFA protection?

    MFA is the only tried and tested security measure against identity threats that use compromised credentials to access targeted resources. This protection extends beyond any endpoint, network, or data protection tool because only MFA is capable of blocking a malicious authentication in real time.

  • Why should my organization adopt MFA protection?

    MFA provides protection against a wide array of attacks that are otherwise impossible or extremely hard to block. Prominent examples of such attacks are account takeovers of SaaS apps and cloud workloads, malicious remote connections with compromised credentials, lateral movement, and ransomware propagation. While traditional MFA solutions can mitigate some of these threats, Silverfort delivers real-time protection against all of them.

  • Can Silverfort help me to secure all access to my domain admins?

    Yes. With Silverfort you can easily protect all the different services that are accessed by domain admin users, such as PSexec, Remote Powershell, RDP, Database, etc.

  • How does Silverfort secure legacy apps that do not support adding an agent?

    Silverfort’s innovative technology integrates with the directory your applications authenticate to, which forwards all the access requests of the app’s users to Silverfort. This allows Silverfort to monitor and analyze authentication requests and enforce MFA in real time whenever a user logs in to the app. This unique approach enables the enforcement of MFA without agents or inline proxies.