Eliminate the Risk of Compromised Credentials with Unified Identity Protection



Are you protected against attackers who already have your users’ credentials?

The 15 billion compromised credentials circulating in the dark web are the #1 cause of data breaches. Protection against these identity-based attacks is a blind spot in today’s identity and security stack. A new approach is required to regain the upper hand against account takeovers, malicious remote connections and lateral movement attacks.

Watch the recorded webinar to:

  • Gain insight into identity-based attack types, scale and impact
  • Understand the inherent security gaps that prevent us from being resilient to these attacks
  • Discover Unified Identity Protection – the new paradigm that delivers real-time protection against identity-based attacks


Yiftach Keshet, Director Of Product Marketing at Silverfort

Yiftach Keshet leads the Product Marketing at Silverfort. Prior to joining Silverfort he served in various Product Management and Product Marketing roles with cybersecurity market leaders such as Microsoft, Palo Alto Networks and Team8.