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Silverfort is excited to announce our integration with external authentication methods (EAM) in Microsoft Entra ID, which is now in public preview. This allows customers to use Silverfort seamlessly with any app or service that relies on Entra ID as an identity provider. 

Enhanced MFA and Threat Intelligence 

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, securing user identities has never been more critical. Microsoft Entra ID EAM paired with Silverfort to enhance organizations’ identity posture without the complexities of managing multiple authenticators across their organization. This integration also introduces Silverfort threat intelligence into Entra ID cloud authentication flows, blocking bad actors from gaining access to applications residing in the cloud or on-prem. 

Key Benefits of Integration 

Silverfort’s integration with Microsoft Entra ID EAM offers multiple benefits, including: 

  • Simplified User Experience: Users enjoy a smoother sign-in process with fewer disruptions, contributing to higher productivity and user satisfaction. 
  • Enhanced Security: By extending MFA to all resources in the cloud and on-premises, organizations can better protect against identity-based attacks. 
  • Unified Security Experience: Silverfort leverages authentication data from both on-prem and cloud applications, enhancing visibility into user behavior and effectively blocking potential breaches. This streamlined approach strengthens security across all platforms. 

How It Works 

Integrating Silverfort with Microsoft Entra ID is simple. Organizations can add Silverfort as an external authentication method in the Entra ID admin center, enabling it across their apps and services with just a few clicks. To learn more, visit the Silverfort external authentication method documentation here: 

Our Partnership in Action 

Our work with Microsoft is not just about one-off solutions; it is about building a secure identity ecosystem for customers. Here are a few of the other ways we work together: 

  • Entra ID Bridge: This integration utilizes Entra ID SSO to facilitate the use of Entra as an authentication mechanism for on-prem resources, bridging the gap between cloud-based identity management and local enterprise environments. 
  • Entra ID Sign-In Logs: This integration gives Silverfort visibility to cloud authentication traffic, enhancing the Silverfort Risk Estimation for users, which provides a more accurate risk estimation based on user activity both in Azure and on-prem. 
  • Active Directory Integration: By integrating with Microsoft Active Directory, Silverfort ensures seamless identity management and security protocols across on-premises systems and those traditionally difficult to protect without the need to deploy an agent. 
  • ADFS Integration: Our integration with Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) allows for robust federation capabilities, meaning any app or service protected by ADFS can leverage Silverfort MFA and intelligence. 
  • Replacement of Entra ID Custom Controls with EAM: Silverfort supports the transition from Entra ID’s custom controls to the new external authentication methods (EAM), enhancing the flexibility and management of authentication methods across Entra ID services. 

Silverfort’s integration with Microsoft Entra ID EAM represents a significant advancement in identity security. By simplifying and strengthening the authentication process, this integration not only improves security but enhances the user experience across multiple platforms. As digital threats are increasingly sophisticated, integrating Microsoft Entra with Silverfort via EAM allows organizations to stay a step ahead in protecting their critical assets. We are excited to deepen our partnership with Microsoft and are looking forward to sharing more about the additional integrations we are building soon! 

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