Silverfort to Provide Acrisure Cyber Services Clients with Compliant Identity Protection

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New partnership to help policyholders easily meet growing identity protection requirements

Thursday 3 November 2022, Boston, MA: Silverfort, a unified identity protection leader, today announced a partnership with Acrisure Cyber Services (ACS). ACS is a division of Acrisure, a global fintech that operates a top-10 global insurance broker that also provides cyber services, real estates services and asset and wealth management.  Silverfort is known for helping organizations of all sizes meet an increasingly rigorous identity and access management compliance burden emerging in cyber insurance policies.  

The increasing sophistication of cyber attacks continues to expose the IT infrastructures of organizations, which is driving up cyber insurance premiums. As a result, underwriters are increasingly mandating that Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) is applied with far greater depth than before to inhibit threat actors’ movements as they propagate attacks. 

ACS will deliver Silverfort as part of its “Security as a Service” model, sitting alongside other technologies intended to provide companies of all sizes with full compliance to a range of carrier policies. Alongside Silverfort, this stack of technologies also covers endpoint security, vulnerability detection and management, backup and disaster recovery, security awareness training and email security. 

Silverfort will help enable ACS clients to comply with requirements by seamlessly extending MFA to previously unprotectable resources. Organizations will be able to enforce MFA across all on-prem and cloud resources including on email, remote network access tools, network infrastructure, directories, servers, workstations and even on legacy protocols that allow ransomware attacks to spread. It will also allow customers to automatically discover, monitor and secure the automated Service Accounts commonly used in data breaches, without having to modify them.

Hed Kovetz, CEO and Co-Founder of Silverfort, said, “Driven by a rising volume of attacks propagating through unprotected technical resources, many policies now require far more comprehensive identity protection and access controls. While many may have MFA at a surface level – this no longer goes deep enough for underwriters, risking decreased coverage, being denied policies, or having claims rejected in the event of an incident. We address this gap. Partnering with Acrisure Cyber Services means we can help more companies become compliant with tightening industry standards and we look forward to working together.”

Acrisure Cyber Services President, Bill Meara, said, “Requirements in cybersecurity insurance policies are evolving as the industry continues to adapt to a fast-changing risk. Many carriers now mandate securing previously unprotectable areas with authentication and access controls, which is often difficult through traditional methods. The partnership with Silverfort helps companies of all sizes remain compliant in a simple and effective manner.”    

More information on how Silverfort helps companies comply with emerging cybersecurity insurance standards can be found here. Further details on Acrisure Cyber Services can also be seen here.

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