MFA for
HR Systems

Protect all resources and access interfaces

Silverfort’s Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) solution revolutionizes HR system security by adding a robust layer of protection that goes beyond traditional passwords. By requiring additional verification methods, such as biometrics or one-time passcodes, it ensures that sensitive employee data remains secure against unauthorized access. Its ability to enforce adaptive authentication policies means that security measures are intelligently tailored to the risk level of each access attempt, providing a seamless balance between security and user convenience.


With comprehensive coverage, Silverfort extends its protective shield across all access points, including legacy and cloud-based systems, without the need for direct integration. This not only safeguards every entry to your HR information but also aids in compliance with regulatory mandates, ensuring your organization meets legal standards for data protection effortlessly.


Designed for ease of use and seamless integration, Silverfort enables organizations to strengthen their security posture without disrupting HR operations or user experience. Its innovative approach to anomaly detection and response further ensures that any suspicious activity is swiftly identified and mitigated, keeping your HR systems safe and your employee data protected. Choose Silverfort’s MFA for a future where HR data security is uncompromised and user-friendly.

Comprehensive Coverage

Silverfort can enforce MFA across all users and access points, including legacy systems, cloud environments, and on-premise applications without requiring direct integration.

Regulatory Compliance

Silverfort can help organizations comply with all compliance regulations by ensuring that access to HR systems is securely controlled, thereby protecting employee data and meeting legal requirements.

Seamless Integration

Silverfort’s MFA solution allows secure protection of previously vulnerable environments without the need for agents.

Silverfort allows Huntsville Hospital to enforce MFA on our privileged access accounts and has enabled us to secure our service accounts within our active directory environment.

Rick Corn
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Anyone who’s serious about cybersecurity has to have MFA on any critical operation these days or they’re really not protecting themselves in the way they should.

Tom Parker
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Silverfort is the only solution that can prevent ransomware attacks by enforcing MFA on the command-line access tools these attacks use to propagate in the network.

Billy Chen
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Silverfort protects our user accounts with MFA, it protects our service accounts, our on-prem apps, our Active Directory and also our custom apps.

Jim Nonn
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Identity-based attacks are really important to us. Silverfort’s end-to-end risk-based authentication enables us to respond efficiently and in a timely manner.

Rusdi Rachim
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Identity is now the #1 attack surface


compromised credentials are offered for sale in the dark web


of enterprises rely on legacy or hybrid IAM infrastructure


of data breaches and ransomware attacks involve compromised credentials

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