Silverfort addresses a wide array of use cases to help organizations detect and respond to advanced threats, stay compliant with industry regulations, and improve security while minimizing disruptions to the workforce:

Agentless Multi-Factor Authentication

Extend Multi-Factor Authentication to any sensitive system or interface, including those considered “unprotectable” until today, without requiring any agents or proxies.

Risk-Based Authentication

Continuous AI-Driven risk analysis and enforcement of holistic adaptive authentication policies across all systems and environments with unmatched accuracy.

Secure Cloud Migration

Silverfort helps organizations smooth the migration process and ensure secure access to migrated applications without requiring any code changes.

Protecting Service Accounts

Silverfort enables organizations to seamlessly secure the use of service accounts, without modifying them or rotating passwords.

Proxyless Zero Trust Enforcement

Silverfort ensures secure access of any user to any system without assuming trust, not only at the perimeter but inside the network too, without relying on agents or proxies.