Silverfort addresses a wide array of use cases to help organizations detect and respond to advanced threats, prevent and respond to advanced threats, remain compliant with industry regulations, and improve security while minimizing disruptions to the workforce:

Agentless Multi-Factor Authentication

Extend Multi-Factor Authentication to any sensitive system or interface, including those considered “unprotectable” until today, without requiring any agents or proxies.

Securing Service Accounts

Protect your service accounts with automated discovery, monitoring, and access policies without requiring any modifications or password rotation.


Implement a “Least Privilege” approach to user access to any on-prem and cloud resource by granular risk analysis of each authentication and enforcement of adaptive access policies.

Visibility and Risk

Gain end-to-end visibility to all access attempts in your on-prem and cloud environments as well as dynamic risk scoring, based on real-time analysis of each authentication’s full context.

Lateral Movement Protection

Proactively detect lateral movement attempts by continuous analysis of all authentications in your environment and prevent them in real time by enabling MFA on each resource access.