Silverfort Secures IMDA Accreditation: Setting New Standards in Identity Protection

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We are thrilled to announce that Silverfort was accredited by the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) in Singapore. Silverfort’s accreditation by IMDA demonstrates its commitment to security innovation and strong partnerships, which have contributed to our success.

Since the accreditation process is designed to identify the best solutions in the market, every aspect of Silverfort’s business was examined. As IMDA is known for accrediting only the best in its field through its rigorous process, we are pleased to note that Silverfort has been accredited with flying colors. By validating our tech product, market fit, and business models, we’ve established our credentials to gain more confidence from government and enterprise buyers in Singapore.

What is IMDA and the significance of IMDA Accreditation

The Infocomm Media Development Authority, or IMDA, is a Singaporean government agency responsible for driving the nation’s digital transformation and fostering a vibrant digital economy. The IMDA Accreditation programme (launched in 2014) plays a key role in accelerating the growth of Singapore-based enterprise tech product companies. The program helps growth-stage Singapore-based tech companies succeed through strengthening their credibility through robust technical, financial, and operational evaluation, winning contracts with government agencies and large enterprises, as well as facilitating new growth capital into the companies.

Achieving accreditation from IMDA speaks volumes about the quality and security of our identity protection solution. This recognition demonstrates that our technology aligns with Singapore’s high standards for digital services and solutions, which are crucial in safeguarding both individuals and businesses in an increasingly digital world.

The IMDA accreditation of Silverfort also enables several benefits, such as:

  • Credibility and Trust: IMDA’s stamp of approval establishes trust and credibility with potential clients and partners in Singapore. It assures them that Silverfort complies with the stringent standards set by the Singaporean government.
  • Accreditation from IMDA opens the door to new opportunities and partnerships in the Singaporean market. As a result, we are able to collaborate with local businesses and government agencies, thereby expanding our footprint and reaching a wider audience.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Being IMDA-accredited ensures that our solution complies with the relevant regulations and standards in Singapore.

Silverfort’s Key Capabilities Led to Gaining IMDA Accreditation

Silverfort’s journey to receiving IMDA accreditation represents our commitment to empowering organizations with more advanced identity protection. With our distinctive product capabilities, we have consistently distinguished ourselves in the Identity Protection landscape, making us a prime candidate for this prestigious recognition. Let’s explore how Silverfort’s key capabilities played a pivotal role in achieving IMDA accreditation.

Extend MFA to All On-Prem and Cloud Resources

Silverfort can apply Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) protection to any resource and access interface across on-prem and multi-cloud environments. This includes assets that could never have been protected before. Silverfort natively integrates with all IAM solutions within the hybrid environment to provide real-time monitoring and risk analysis for every user authentication and access request, including ones made by external vendors. Silverfort determines whether to allow, block or require MFA and If MFA is required, Silverfort notifies the MFA solution to push an MFA notification to the user. Based on the user’s response, Silverfort instructs the identity provider on whether the access request can be granted.

Securing Service Accounts

Silverfort provides comprehensive service account protection. It can automatically discover and secure all service accounts in an environment, continuously monitor their activity, and provide real-time insights into their risk level. Silverfort provides tailored access policies to each service account, and any deviation from the expected behavior can result in blocked access or an alert to the security team. This ensures that service accounts are fully protected without the need to rotate passwords, which can disrupt critical processes.

Lateral Movement and Ransomware Protection

Silverfort empowers organizations to prevent lateral movement attacks that utilize compromised credentials. Since Silverfort integrates with an identity provider’s back end (rather than via agents or proxies on individual resources), it is able to detect suspicious activity across a network immediately and prevent it by triggering MFA. This includes the capability to enforce MFA on all resources that were not designed to support it. As a result, organizations are now able to respond to lateral movement in real time and stop ransomware threat actors in their tracks.

Moving forward with IMDA Accreditation

Silverfort’s accreditation by IMDA is a testament to our commitment to providing complete identity protection to our customers as well as a gateway to new opportunities in the Singaporean market. It not only underscores our past achievements but also serves as a catalyst for future growth and innovation in the ever-evolving field of cybersecurity.

As we continue to grow in the Singaporean market, we look forward to contributing to the national digital transformation, enhancing security, and providing robust identity protection to all businesses. Thanks to IMDA accreditation, Silverfort is ready to accelerate its business in Singapore, and we are looking forward to the journey ahead.

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