Silverfort and Okta Partner to Enable Secure Authentication for ‘Unprotectable’ Systems

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The new partnership will allow joint customers to seamlessly extend Okta Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication to any sensitive system, and securely migrate sensitive servers and applications to the cloud.

BOSTON, MA and Tel Aviv, Israel March 27, 2019Silverfort, the provider of Next-Generation Authentication solutions, today announces a new partnership with Okta, the leading independent provider of identity for the enterprise. By integrating Okta Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) with Silverfort’s agentless authentication platform, joint customers will be able to extend secure authentication to any sensitive system in any environment, and securely migrate sensitive on-premises assets to the cloud, without requiring software agents or proxies.

Seamlessly Extending MFA to Any Resource, Including ‘Unprotectable’ Systems

Today, MFA and adaptive authentication are available only for specific types or resources, such as SaaS applications and VPN gateways. Silverfort introduces a next-generation risk based authentication platform which enables secure authentication for any system, including systems that were considered “unprotectable” until today, without any modifications to endpoints and servers. This includes homegrown applications, IT infrastructure, IoT devices, dynamic IaaS environments and more.

By integrating with Okta, joint customers will be able to seamlessly extend Okta MFA to any sensitive system and address a wide variety of security use cases and regularity compliance needs, without having to enroll users with a new MFA product.

“Okta and Silverfort bring together a powerful and unique solution that addresses one of the fastest growing security challenges in today’s enterprises,” says Hed Kovetz, CEO and Co-Founder of Silverfort. “Cloud, IoT and personal devices are changing our enterprise networks and erasing their perimeters. In this new reality, users must be authenticated before allowing them to access any sensitive resource, whether within the corporate network or in the cloud. We are proud to partner with Okta and excited to introduce the first end-to-end authentication solution that covers all users, devices and systems.”

Enable Secure Cloud Migration of Sensitive Servers and Applications

By enabling secure authentication for sensitive assets that cannot be protected today, such as homegrown, legacy and proprietary systems, Silverfort and Okta allow organizations to migrate them to the cloud without worrying about unauthorized access. Today, many companies are reluctant to move their sensitive workloads to the cloud unless they can ensure that no one else can access them. By seamlessly enabling MFA and adaptive authentication for any system, including those that don’t support it today, Silverfort and Okta eliminate this barrier.

“Enterprises are managing an increasingly broad spectrum of endpoints, with access management serving as one of the most effective ways to connect users with the technology they need while simultaneously securing an organization’s most valuable resources,” said Chuck Fontana, Vice President of Integrations and Strategic Partnerships at Okta. “As the technology landscape continues to evolve, it will be imperative for organizations to continue to adapt their multi-factor authentication capabilities, and we’re excited to work with Silverfort to meet that important security and user experience need.”

Silverfort will be demonstrating the joint solution at Oktane 2019,

April 1-4, Moscone West, San Francisco

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Silverfort delivers strong authentication across corporate networks and cloud environments, without deploying any software agents or inline proxies. Using patent-pending technology, Silverfort enables adaptive multi-factor authentication for all sensitive users, devices and resources, including systems that don’t support it today, such as IoT devices, critical infrastructure, file systems and more. Silverfort allows organizations to prevent data breaches and achieve compliance instantly, by preventing identity-based attacks across complex, dynamic networks, including hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

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