Identity Protection
for Oil & Gas

Silverfort helps oil and gas organizations protect their identity attack surface by mitigating ransomware risk and extending MFA protection to all resources in their IT and OT environments.

Challenge 1

IT/OT Convergence and Third-Party Access

Since the convergence of IT and OT environments, OT networks need to be accessed regularly by third-party contractors and service providers for maintenance and support, creating a link between air-gapped networks and external systems. File transfers between OT and IT networks further erode the isolation between the two networks.

Challenge 2

Air-Gapped Networks Exposed to Ransomware

Since air-gapped networks are becoming more interconnected, attackers can exploit these gaps to infiltrate the OT network and plant ransomware payloads on critical assets like engineering workstations, HMIs, and databases. This ransomware propagation can lead to operational downtime, data loss, and significant financial losses.

Challenge 3

Shifting to Active Directory Single Sign-On

As OT networks have transitioned from local authentication to Active Directory Single Sign-On (SSO), user access has become more seamless. A significant security flaw has also been exposed as a result of this. Once an attacker gains access to the network, centralized credentials facilitate lateral movement, increasing the risk of a breach causing significant damage.


How Silverfort helps manufacturing companies overcome these challenges

Secure Third-Party Access

Silverfort does not require agents on the protected devices, meaning MFA can be enforced on all access attempts to any resource, including ones made by external vendors. This ensures that only authorized personnel can access the network and significantly reduces the attack surface.

FIDO2 Token Support Helps Prevent Lateral Movement Attacks

By supporting FIDO2 tokens, Silverfort adds an extra layer of protection to the OT network against lateral movement. By requiring strong authentication for every access attempt, even if an attacker gains initial access, their ability to move laterally and spread ransomware is severely limited.

Seamless AD Integration and SSO Capabilities

Silverfort’s direct integration with Active Directory enables users to leverage the benefits of SSO access while maintaining full protection against identity threats. This approach simplifies the authentication process and enhances the overall security posture.

“Silverfort is helping us to secure and protect over 50 legacy manufacturing servers with RDP access, which is protected with MFA. Silverfort is not only providing MFA protection, they are also giving us actionable insights about threat detection into each authentication request.”


Fabian Jura, STARCO’s IT Infrastructure Manager


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