Identity Protection for Manufacturing

Manufacturers are continuously targeted by cyber-attacks that increase in volume and sophistication with the potential result of a harsh impact on their operations.

The steep rise of identity threats that utilize compromised credentials for malicious resource access has become a top concern for manufacturers striving to maintain their secure applications and systems.

Challenge 1

Legacy Applications Don’t Support MFA

Legacy applications were developed before MFA technology was widely available and don’t natively support modern authentication

Challenge 2

Restricting Third Party Access

Manufacturers have limited to no control over third-party users’ devices and very limited visibility into their actions and the risks they are subject to beyond the manufacturer’s environment.

Challenge 3

Hybrid IAM Infrastructure

Fragmenting the different types of manufacturing environments creates a lack of visibility into the full context of each user account’s behavior, significantly reducing their ability to detect attempted authentication as malicious.


How Silverfort helps manufacturing companies overcome these challenges

Extend MFA to Legacy Applications

Extend your existing MFA solution to legacy applications that weren’t natively supported. This enables Silverfort to protect them with MFA, regardless of whether the application supports MFA.

Securing Third-Party Access

Silverfort does not require the installation of agents on protected devices, enabling it to easily enforce MFA on access attempts to any resource, including ones made by external vendors.

Protecting Hybrid Environments

Silverfort’s integration with all IdPs enables it to monitor and analyze every user’s full authentication trail context and extend MFA to the entire on-prem environment, including resources that couldn’t be protected before.

“Silverfort is helping us to secure and protect over 50 legacy manufacturing servers with RDP access, which is protected with MFA. Silverfort is not only providing MFA protection, they are also giving us actionable insights about threat detection into each authentication request.”


Fabian Jura, STARCO’s IT Infrastructure Manager


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