Identity Protection for Healthcare

The healthcare industry carries the highest average cost of a data breach at nearly $11 million as of mid-2023. Worryingly, healthcare organizations are particularly vulnerable to identity threats, as losing access to patient information could be detrimental to patient treatment. In fact, in 2021, around 30% of cyberattacks in the healthcare industry caused emergency service disruptions, while a further 17% resulted in serious injury or harm.

Challenge 1

Lack of visibility of service accounts

Only 10% of healthcare organizations have full visibility into their service accounts, exposing them to security risks like lateral movement and ransomware.

Challenge 2


Authentication in Legacy Systems Doesn’t Support MFA

Healthcare organizations rely heavily on Active Directory, with many still using Windows Server 2008 and Windows XP. Many overlook the unique security requirements of legacy systems, putting them at risk of breaches.

Challenge 3

Highly Complex Identity Infrastructure

Healthcare identity infrastructure is large, fragmented and involves multiple security practices. For example, enforcing strict security measures on MPI or EMS users but not HR, or not updating legacy systems to avoid disruptions.


How Silverfort helps healthcare organizations overcome these challenges

Full service account visibility and protection

Silverfort automatically identifies accounts with predictable and repetitive behavior as service accounts and generates policies accordingly. Each access attempt is compared with the policy and any deviations are blocked.

Extend MFA to every cloud and on-prem resource

By integrating with Active Directory, all access requests are forwarded to Silverfort. This allows Silverfort to enforce MFA verification on all healthcare systems, including legacy systems, health information systems, HR, and command-line interfaces.

Stop threats as they happen with ITDR

Silverfort provides real-time Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR) for every authentication and access attempt across all user, admin and service accounts, and for any resource, system, and authentication protocol.

Silverfort allows Huntsville Hospital to enforce MFA on our privileged access accounts and has enabled us to secure our service accounts within our active directory environment.

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