Identity Protection for Education

Attacks targeting the education sector increased by 179% in 2023, with most attacks consisting of ransomware operations. Without proper security controls, educational organizations are left exposed to significant security challenges, especially in protecting against identity-based attacks that utilize compromised credentials.

Challenge 1

Legacy Applications Don’t Support MFA

Authentication to legacy servers rarely supports MFA, leaving them open to malicious access with compromised credentials.

Challenge 2


Student Access Via Unmanaged Devices

Students often access resources on personal devices that are not subject to centralized control or management, making them easy prey for compromise.

Challenge 3

Visibility into Service Accounts

Despite the critical role service accounts play in every environment, they suffer from extremely low visibility, exposing them to compromise and lateral movement.


How Silverfort helps educational institutions overcome these challenges

Secure Authentication to Legacy Servers

All user access requests are forwarded to Silverfort thanks to its integration with Active Directory. This includes authentications made via NTLM and Kerberos, so legacy servers can be protected by MFA.

Free Identity Threat Detection & Response (ITDR) for Student Accounts

Silverfort provides complimentary real-time protection to all student users while detecting and preventing identity threats such as lateral movement and ransomware spread.

Full Visibility and Protection of Service Accounts

Silverfort automatically identifies all service accounts within the environment and offers the identity and security teams the tools to secure them with pre-made policies tailored to each account’s behavior.

Westminster School finds “missing piece” of security strategy with Data#3 and Silverfort

“When you get the best of both worlds, with a great product and great people, hands down it’s a winner. Data#3 and Silverfort have become trusted advisors.”

Simon Matthews – Infrastructure Lead, Westminster School

  • Challenge

    While much of the school’s environment had been transitioned into the cloud, the IT team was concerned that the remaining on-premises environment was limited in terms of identity protection.

    In addition, the School struggled with visibility into their service accounts.

  • Solution

    With Silverfort’s unified identity protection platform, Westminster School gained real-time protection against attacks that use compromised privileged or unprivileged credentials.

    The platform extends Microsoft Azure multi-factor authentication (MFA) to any sensitive resources, even to legacy environments that lacked the option for MFA previously, and provides complete visibility into all service accounts and their activities.

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