As an Okta partner, and following Okta’s GitHub breach, Silverfort now offers a 60-day free Active Directory identity threat monitoring package for Okta customers that have their Active Directory and Okta users and passwords synced, and wish to gain an independent identity security layer to detect and mitigate possible adversarial actions following the Okta breach.

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Silverfort is the only solution that can prevent ransomware attacks by enforcing MFA on the command-line access tools these attacks use to propagate in the network.

Billy Chen
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Silverfort protects our user accounts with MFA, it protects our service accounts, our on-prem apps, our Active Directory and also our custom apps.

Jim Nonn
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Identity-based attacks are really important to us. Silverfort’s end-to-end risk-based authentication enables us to respond efficiently and in a timely manner.

Rusdi Rachim
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We realized that to protect against ransomware attacks you must guard your privileged human and service accounts. This is where Silverfort comes in.

Kurt Gielen
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