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We’re very excited to announce that we’ve raised $65M in Series C funding! A few words about what this milestone really means:

We all know that identities have become the most vulnerable attack surface in enterprises, just because they’re the easiest to target. Yet even though every organization seems to have a solution in place, these attacks persist in dominating the threat landscape.

It’s taken a while for the market to understand the depth of the problem. But our rapid growth and customer adoption, and this new round of funding, are demonstrating that we’re solving a major problem from which almost every organization suffers  – identity-based attacks. Cyber attacks that leverage compromised user identities and credentials are now used in 80% of all data breaches and ransomware campaigns. This happens because enterprise identity is currently built in silos across different environments, providing inconsistent and insufficient security controls for many types of corporate resources, and ultimately is unable to provide full protection across all users, systems, and environments.

Where do we come in? Using unique technology, Silverfort enables Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR), Identity Threat Prevention (ITP), Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA),  and Zero Trust security policies as a unified and transparent layer on top of all current IAM solutions, both legacy and modern. It extends identity threat protection across all sensitive corporate and cloud assets, without requiring any agents, proxies, or code changes. Silverfort extends protection even to systems and access interfaces that couldn’t be protected by any other product until today, and which currently enable attackers to bypass all other MFA and identity security solutions (for example, command-line interfaces such as Remote PowerShell and PsExec, legacy applications, industrial systems, machine-to-machine access).

In other words, the time is right for us to emerge as the independent, vendor-agnostic, unified security layer that works on top of all IAM platforms… the first Unified Identity Threat Protection company.

This is why we’re growing like crazy. Over the past year we’ve almost tripled our customer base, revenues and headcount. And the momentum is only growing stronger. We appreciate your support, and we invite you to see a demo of our platform, or to join our team

Best wishes,

The Silverfort Team

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