Bridging Legacy Resources From AD to Entra ID (Azure AD)


Modern enterprise IT environments are highly diverse and include many different resources, from legacy IT infrastructure to SaaS and web applications. This has required enterprises to deploy multiple IAM solutions such as Entra ID to manage their on-prem and cloud environments.

While Entra ID protects cloud, SaaS, and web apps with Conditional Access and Entra ID MFA, on-prem enterprise resources authentication protocols do not natively support Entra ID. This creates a critical identity protection gap that has not been addressed – until today.

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  • What are the security gaps in hybrid environments?
  • How Silverfort enables organizations to overcome the hybrid environment security gaps
  • How Silverfort’s Entra ID bridging extends Entra ID MFA and Conditional Access to all on-prem resources while configuring all access policies from Azure AD.