Silverfort Launches the Identity Security Alliance, Enabling Advanced Integrations to Bring Identity Threat Intelligence and Security Across Both On-Prem and Cloud Identity Infrastructure

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Dozens of companies, Microsoft, Okta, Ping Identity, Splunk, Wiz and others, partner to help customers overcome the challenges of securing today’s highly fragmented IAM landscape

Boston, MA, and Tel Aviv, Israel – June 12, 2024 – Today, Silverfort is unveiling its Identity Security Alliance (ISA), to offer partners and customers a comprehensive, 360-degree view of the Identity and Access Management (IAM) landscape, user activity and security threats across all environments, ranging from legacy on-prem Active Directory (AD) to modern cloud-native identity infrastructure. By integrating with Silverfort, partners empower their customers to detect, investigate, and respond faster to identity-based attacks wherever they may occur.

Over the recent years, the enterprise identity infrastructure has grown increasingly complex and fragmented. More than 90% of enterprises still use Active Directory (AD) to manage on-prem workforce identities, alongside a mix of one or more cloud identity providers (IdPs), and other point solutions like PAM, IGA, MFA, ITDR, amongst others. However, these points solutions operate in silos, leaving gaps and blind spots that resulted in a striking 83% of organizations reporting identity-related data breaches. Adding to the complexity, organizations face challenges in extracting identity intelligence from AD and correlating that data with their cloud identity infrastructure and various security products. With AD often being the “keys to the castle,” so to speak, it’s a prime target for malicious actors who frequently use it as a point of entry, to infiltrate the cloud infrastructure too. Recent Silverfort research found that 67% of organizations sync their on-prem AD passwords to their cloud identity providers in an insecure manner, which increases their attack surface. As a result, many threat actors such as Alphv/BlackCat and Scattered Spider take advantage of AD as a stepping stone for spreading into the cloud identity infrastructure too.

“As the leader in Security Hyperautomation, we understand how critical it is for security and enterprise systems to work together,” said Eldad Livini, Chief Innovation Officer at Torq. “With the launch of Silverfort’s Identity Security Alliance, we are excited to participate in creating an ecosystem to secure one of the enterprise’s most important and targeted assets: their Identity Infrastructure.”

Silverfort’s partner ecosystem removes identity silos, giving security and IT teams a unified discovery and visibility into the hybrid identity infrastructure, from on-prem AD to cloud-native Identity Providers (IdPs), and all related security threats. Silverfort ISA partners can now extract identity intelligence from all the different corners of the identity infrastructure, and feed it into other technology and security solutions in their stack, providing the missing pieces in the puzzle for a complete picture of the identity attack surface.  Built on modern APIs, Silverfort partners can easily deploy and maintain the integrations. Partners will also enjoy access to Silverfort’s growing customer base and joint activities to benefit the identity security community.

“Collaboration and innovation are the driving forces behind cybersecurity, which is why Microsoft is incredibly excited about its continued collaboration with Silverfort and its Identity Security Alliance,” said Maria Thomson, Director of Microsoft Intelligent Security Association. “Together, we have made significant progress in advancing identity protection and security, and we can’t wait to see what more we can achieve together.”

“Security is a team sport and requires deep technical partnerships with other vendors in a company’s tech stack,” said Ben Goodman, VP of Strategic Alliances and Corporate Development at Silverfort. “To successfully understand the risks your organization is up against, you have to extract data out of silos and correlate it to make it actionable. Identity information is a crux for hybrid cloud organizations today, and getting full visibility into the identity threat landscape is a huge need for our customers. Silverfort’s Identity Security Alliance will help close the gap and provide better visibility for our customers.”

Joint Customer Benefits of Silverfort’s ISA include:

  • Better interoperability between their different identity and security products, many of which previously operating as silos. This includes pre-built integrations that are regularly maintained, which lower implementation, support and operational costs.
  • Deep unified visibility into the hybrid identity infrastructure, including identity threats hiding on-prem or in the cloud, with actionable reports and alerts.
  • Extended real-time protection against identity threats across all identity silos, including AD and cloud infrastructure, for both human and non-human identities (NHI).
  • Joint activities, content and research for the identity security community.

Together with our partners, and thanks to their combined strengths, customers can extend and consolidate their identity security, accelerate cloud migration, achieve compliance with regulations and cyber insurance requirements, and effectively prevent data breaches. Silverfort partners include organizations of all sizes, including Microsoft, Okta, Ping Identity, Palo Alto Networks, Splunk, Torq, Wiz, Axonius, SGNL, Red Access, Checkpoint, Entro Security, Apono, HYPR, Valence Security, Yubico, Veza, RSA, Infinipoint, StrongDM. Learn more about joining Silverfort’s Identity Security Alliance here.

About Silverfort

Silverfort, the Unified Identity Security company, pioneered the first and only platform that enables modern identity security everywhere. We connect to all the silos of the enterprise identity infrastructure to create a single, unified identity security layer across all on-prem and cloud environments. Our unique architecture and vendor-agnostic approach take away the complexity of securing identities and extend protection to resources that cannot be protected by any other solution, such as legacy systems, command-line interfaces, service accounts (non-human identities), IT/OT infrastructure and more. Silverfort is a top-tier Microsoft partner and was selected as Microsoft’s Zero Trust Champion of the Year. Hundreds of the world’s leading enterprises trust Silverfort to be their identity security provider, including multiple Fortune 50 companies. Learn more by visiting or on LinkedIn.


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