The strategic product integrations of Silverfort and Microsoft enable organizations to consolidate their IAM across hybrid and multi-cloud environments, extend identity protection to any asset and simplify cloud migration.

“The integration with Silverfort allows customers to extend the power and flexibility of Azure AD to many additional resources and applications across hybrid and multi-cloud environments, and unify their identity management and protection on Azure AD.”

Sue Bohn, Partner Director, Microsoft Identity Division at Microsoft Corp

Key Use Cases:

  • Hybrid IAM consolidation on Azure AD
  • Extend Azure MFA to any resource
  • Unified risk-based authentication with Microsoft Security Graph API
  • Microsoft Active Directory protection

Hybrid IAM Consolidation on Azure AD

  • Use Silverfort to automatically discover and easily migrate applications to Azure AD
  • Seamlessly connect any assets that couldn’t be migrated before into Azure AD including homegrown and legacy applications, IT infrastructure, command-line tools, and more
  • Manage Identity Protection of all your on-prem and multi-cloud environments in a unified manner within Azure AD
  • Gain operational efficiency and protection by applying Azure AD security controls to all resources in your hybrid network

Extend Azure MFA to Any Resource

  • Standardize on Microsoft Authenticator as the single MFA solution across your organization
  • Use Silverfort to extend Azure MFA to all resources that don’t natively support it such as homegrown and legacy apps, IT infrastructure, file shares and databased, command-line tools, industrial systems, and more
  • Eliminate the operational complexities entailed in managing several MFA solutions in parallel

Unified Risk-Based Authentication with Microsoft Security Graph API

  • Add Microsoft Security Graph API feed to enrich Silverfort’s risk engine with real-time risk data
  • Increase threat detection accuracy by correlating Silverfort’s access request data with Microsoft threat intelligence

Microsoft Active Directory Protection

  • Introduce RBA, MFA, and Zero Trust to Active Directory managed servers and endpoints
  • Prevent lateral movement by enforcing MFA on remote access command-line tools
  • Gain granular visibility to all user access requests and audit resource usage