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Silverfort has been named a winner of the PCI 2020 Awards for Excellence at this year’s prestigious PCI London event. The AKJ Associates’ fourth annual PCI Awards for Excellence recognize and honor the industry’s most outstanding examples of best practice in payment security and PCI DSS projects and implementations.

The award was presented to Silverfort at the PCI London 2020 event in recognition of its agentless authentication platform, which enables customers to meet PCI DSS requirements for enforcing Multi-Factor Authentication to secure privileged access to the CDE (Cardholder Data Environment) – without requiring code changes or software agents on CDE systems, and without deploying proxies in the network.

Silverfort introduced a real-life PCI DSS project, successfully implemented for BlueSnap – a global payment company headquartered in the USA, with offices in the UK and Israel. The company provides an All-in-One Payment Platform designed to increase sales and reduce costs for B2B and B2C businesses.

BlueSnap’s production systems run on a variety of IT platforms that are not supported by mainstream MFA solutions. Silverfort’s agentless authentication platform enabled them to incorporate MFA to secure all interfaces and access to the CDE, without requiring any custom implementations that would otherwise require tailored solutions for each system.

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“We are especially honored to accept the PCI 2020 Award for Excellence since it is based on reviews of real-life projects and case studies,” said Hed Kovetz, Co-Founder and CEO of Silverfort. “Silverfort successfully demonstrated that its holistic authentication platform enables organizations to add MFA to any system — including systems that were considered unprotectable until today — without deploying any software agents, implementing proxies or requiring any configuration changes. This enables our customers to easily protect all their CDE systems and address PCI DSS requirements.”

Silverfort’s patent-pending technology, enables risk-based multi-factor authentication for all sensitive users, devices and resources, including systems that could not be protected until today, such as homegrown applications, IT infrastructure, file systems, machine-to-machine access and more – without code changes, software agents or proxies. It allows organizations to prevent data breaches and achieve compliance instantly, by preventing identity-based attacks across complex, dynamic networks and cloud environments.

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