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Co-sell partnership to provide unparalleled access to Microsoft’s Enterprise customers.
Silverfort offers the first next-generation authentication platform, enabling enterprises to migrate sensitive assets securely to the cloud.

BOSTON, MA and Tel Aviv, Israel Feb 20, 2019Silverfort, joins a specialised group of high-growth startups, earning co-sell status as part of Microsoft’s new programme to collaborate on intensive joint sales and go-to-market initiatives.

The company will partner with Microsoft sales teams to enable enterprises to deliver adaptive authentication to any sensitive system, including homegrown applications and IoT, without requiring any agents or proxies and without any integration with individual systems. This allows enterprises to securely migrate their systems to the Azure cloud infrastructure, including homegrown and proprietary systems that were left on-premise because they couldn’t be protected from unauthorized access with secure authentication.

Hed Kovetz, CEO of Silverfort said “We’re thrilled that we have achieved co-sell status. Landing the co-sell partnership with Microsoft allows Silverfort to deliver next-generation authentication to Microsoft customers and partners around the world, protect authentication to sensitive assets they could not protect until today and enable secure migration of proprietary systems to Azure.”

Silverfort’s ground-breaking platform uses an AI-Driven risk engine to continuously analyze risk and trust levels, enabling customers to enforce accurate and holistic adaptive authentication policies. It helps organizations secure access to any sensitive system both on-premise and in the cloud, prevent data breaches and comply with data security regulations like PCI-DSS, GDPR, HIPAA, NY-DFS and others.

Charlotte Yarkoni, Microsoft’s Corporate VP, Growth and Ecosystems commented at the February 2018 launch of Microsoft for Startups, “We are committing $500 million over the next two years to offer joint sales engagements with startups, along with access to our technology…Microsoft is partnering with founders and investors to help propel their growth.”

Warwick Hill, Senior MD Microsoft for Startups Europe & Middle East added: “Over the last few years, corporate networks have gone through dramatic changes due to IT revolutions such as cloud, IoT and BYOD. This calls for a new approach to authentication, that will protect those countless assets from unauthorized access. We are excited to join hands with Silverfort to bring its agentless authentication platform to Microsoft’s enterprise customers.”

About Silverfort

Silverfort delivers strong authentication across corporate networks and cloud environments, without deploying any software agents or inline proxies. Using patent-pending technology, Silverfort enables adaptive multi-factor authentication for all sensitive users, devices and resources, including systems that don’t support it today, such as IoT devices, critical infrastructure, file systems and more. Silverfort allows organizations to prevent data breaches and achieve compliance instantly, by preventing identity-based attacks across complex, dynamic networks, including hybrid and multi-cloud environments.


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