Silverfort Unveils Global Partner Program to Meet Growing Demand for Unified Identity Protection

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Channel industry veteran Leslie Bois leads the company toward its 100% channel-focused business strategy

Tel Aviv, Israel & Boston – May 22, 2024 Silverfort, the leading identity protection company, announced its comprehensive Unified Partner Program to enable its global channel and cyber insurance partners to create the ultimate identity protection framework. This news comes on the heels of Silverfort’s recent $116M Series D funding, led by Brighton Park Capital. The new funds will help Silverfort expand its platform with new innovative product modules and accelerate its go-to-market strategy with an emphasis on channel partnerships.

Identity has become the weakest link in enterprise security, and solving it requires a new, holistic approach—a unified, end-to-end layer of security that covers all the silos and blind spots of the identity infrastructure. With 80% of organizations having experienced an identity-related breach and compromised credentials being the #1 tactic used by threat actors and ransomware campaigns, Silverfort equips enterprises with a way to easily visualize, detect, prevent, and respond to identity-based attacks.

“Identity is becoming the last line of defense in cybersecurity—and is currently the most exposed attack surface,” said Silverfort’s Vice President of Global Channels, Leslie Bois. “Defending against today’s threats requires a holistic security approach that covers the entire identity infrastructure, both on-prem and in the cloud, with a unified platform. We believe the best way to help organizations achieve that is with our mutual partners. That’s why Silverfort is moving fast towards a 100% channel business and seeing amazing momentum as a result.”

“Partnering with Silverfort has enabled Alchemy to extend identity and access protection beyond the traditional limitations,” said JJ Savarino, vice president of marketing and vendor management at Alchemy Technology Group. “Together, we can now offer identity security to all sensitive resources. Because Alchemy takes an identity-centric approach to cybersecurity, Silverfort has become critical to the comprehensive security strategies we build for clients.”

Silverfort spent years researching and designing its platform to enable modern identity security controls everywhere and eliminate the silos and blind spots that identity security suffers from. Since bringing Bois on board in early 2023 to lead global channel sales, Silverfort has become a 100% channel-first organization. Silverfort, with the help of its partners, is hyper-focused on offering customers visibility and protection for all their identities, whether they are on-prem, in the cloud, human, or machine—including systems that no other solution can protect. Due to Silverfort’s customer-first mindset, partnering with organizations with deep expertise in identity was the ideal strategy. Since the decision to make the company’s business 100% channel-based, revenues have been growing rapidly—more than 100% year-over-year—with more than 90% of the revenues going through its channel program, and in some regions, 100%.

 Key benefits of Silverfort’s Partner Program include:

  • Seamless integration with other products in the partner’s portfolio: While traditional MFA and IAM solutions fail to deliver the 360-degree protection organizations need in their complex hybrid environments, Silverfort can extend the coverage of any other identity product to all resources, including ones that couldn’t be protected before, such as legacy systems, command-line interfaces, service accounts (non-human identities), IT/OT infrastructure, and many more. This allows partners to show far greater value to their customers by combining Silverfort with other products to deliver a comprehensive offering. 
  • Access to comprehensive training: This year, partners can benefit from training, accreditations, and knowledge support to increase their technical, deployment, and service expertise. The easy-to-use Silverfort Academy portal empowers Silverfort’s partners to deepen their knowledge of Silverfort’s products and identity security in general and enables them to offer additional services and better manage and support their customers. 
  • Compliance support: Enable customers to comply with Cyber Insurance requirements and various regulatory frameworks, such as the  UK’s Civil Aviation Authority Requirements and the NY-DFS and PCI-DSS regulations. Silverfort’s solution also supports President Biden’s 2021 Executive Order on Cybersecurity, which requires risk-based authentication and Zero Trust security.

“With the uptick of identity-based attacks, cybersecurity leaders are asking us for identity security solutions,” said Jeremy Pierson, cybersecurity program architect at CompuNet. “Thanks to our partnership with Silverfort, CompuNet has been able to help secure our customers’ identity infrastructure effectively and expediently.”

Silverfort offers three different levels in its partner program that give partners additional benefits and support to help accelerate their business and grow together. Those benefits include significant discounts, enablement, joint marketing, and more. Similarly, Silverfort offers support and incentives to cyber insurance partners based on their business model: reselling Silverfort’s product, getting referral incentives (for the partner or the end customer), or simply recommending Silverfort’s solution.

Silverfort is dedicated to protecting all identities from a single unified platform, eliminating the need for point identity security solutions that operate as silos.’ Eighty-two percent of businesses have hybrid environments consisting of both on-prem and cloud-based identity infrastructure, which results in identity sprawl and ineffective security. Silverfort breaks down identity barriers and silos, providing a unified identity security layer that works holistically across both cloud and on-prem environments.

Learn more about Silverfort’s Unified Partner Program here.


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Silverfort, the Unified Identity Protection company, pioneered the first and only platform that enables modern identity security everywhere. We deliver a unified layer of security across all the silos of  enterprise identity infrastructure, both on-prem and cloud. Our unique architecture and vendor agnostic approach, take away the complexity of securing identities across the various systems and environments, and extend protection to resources that cannot be protected by any other solution, such as legacy systems, command-line interfaces, service accounts (non-human identities), IT/OT infrastructure, and many more. Silverfort is a top-tier Microsoft partner and was selected as Microsoft’s Zero Trust Champion of the Year. Hundreds of the world’s leading enterprises trust Silverfort to be their identity security provider, including multiple Fortune 50 companies. Learn more by visiting or on LinkedIn.

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