Identity Protection for Retail

Data breaches in the retail sector cost an average of $3.28 million in 2023, with 50% of cyberattack victims experiencing extortion and 25% experiencing credential harvesting. The nature of retail organizations differs from most industries in that they are multi-site and multi-channel, resulting in many more entry points for ransomware attacks – and a massive attack surface to protect.

Challenge 1

Lack of visibility

Retailers deploy a multitude of devices and applications that operate independently, making it difficult for security teams to monitor and manage the entire identity lifecycle. As a result, unauthorized access and potential breaches are more likely to occur.

Challenge 2


Inability to stop lateral movement

Lateral movement attacks involve the use of valid but compromised user credentials. Authentications performed by an attacker are essentially identical to those performed by a legitimate user. As such, a lateral movement attack is a series of authentications that utilize the legitimate authentication infrastructure for malicious purposes.

Challenge 3

Lack of visibility into service accounts

Despite the critical role service accounts play in processes, programs, and applications, most organizations have extremely limited visibility of their behavior and roles, leaving them open to compromise and lateral movement.


How Silverfort helps retail organizations overcome these challenges

Full Context Across Environments

Silverfort automatically discovers and provides centralized visibility into every authentication and access request across the entire hybrid environment. As a result of its native integrations with all identity providers, it can log every authentication request.

Lateral Movement Protection

Silverfort is the first solution that can extend MFA verification to all access interfaces and authentication protocols in the AD environment, including command-line access tools like PsExec and PowerShell, lateral movement tools of choice.

Securing Service Accounts

Silverfort automatically identifies all service accounts within the environment and enables the identity and security teams to secure them with pre-made policies, tailored to each account’s behavior.

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