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The new year has only just begun, and thanks to the ongoing work of the Silverfort team with the help of feedback from our customers, we have released our latest product version 4.7. We revamped the screen look & feel and introduced new features and capabilities for our service account offering, which we are thrilled to share. This is a major step in a multi-layered effort to overhaul and continuously improve Silverfort’s service account feature.

You can upgrade your Silverfort platform to the latest version 4.7 and see the new service account capabilities that we offer in action. But let’s take a closer look at a few of the main new features.

New Look & Feel

Hello darkness, my old friend. We at Silverfort are continuously committed to making light work of detecting and protecting service accounts. Today, we’re happy to announce our new dark mode for the service account screen.

Why Dark Mode?

Many users have come to expect dark mode options in the solutions they use, ourselves included. It can be a bit disorienting to have a single tool you use all day be in light mode when much of your workflow outside of it remains dark. Naturally, we wanted to ensure that moment is no longer a part of your life working with your service accounts. Hence: Dark Mode for service accounts with Silverfort!

New Categorization of Service Accounts

When organizations deploy hundreds or thousands of service accounts, it is challenging to know where to start to secure them. To help admins prioritize which accounts they should be dealing with, Silverfort categories each kind of service account into the following categories: 

  • Machine to machine (M2M) – used exclusively by machines to interact with other machines or services (for example, a Web container that communicates with a database container)
  • Hybrid – used for M2M access but also used by human users to access resources (for example, database administrators who run scripts from their user accounts to connect to servers)
  • Scanners – used from a few devices to communicate with a large number of resources inside a network (for example, a vulnerability scanner)
  • Others – including both dormant (inactive) and accounts removed by administrators

By categorizing every single service account being employed, admins can now easily find and prioritize the service accounts that need to be secured.

Updated Filtering

Silverfort helps further customize the detection and protection of service accounts. Admins can now filter the list of service accounts for high-priority accounts, newly detected accounts, and accounts with specific risk indicators.

Advanced-Data Enrichment

In this latest version update of service accounts, admins can add the account owner of the service account from their Active directory. Having an account owner for each service account provides more transparency if any changes are done to the service account and an understanding of who made the modifications. Furthermore, admins will be able to add more account info for each service account by adding texts from the service accounts screen. On top of the new service account owner capabilities, we now show the number of hits per source and destination. This help admins prioritize the different sources and destinations that their service accounts connect to, to ensure they are properly monitored and protected.

Service Accounts Policies Based on Protocols

Service accounts typically use only specific protocols, for recurring tasks. This allows admins to create policies that will block accounts from using other protocols.

Faster Detection Time

As we improve the overall features of our service account protection capabilities, we have also improved the time to detect new service accounts. New sources & destinations on existing service accounts will typically appear within 30 minutes. This will allow organizations of all sizes to quickly discover and protect their service accounts with the help of Silverfort.

Stay Tuned for More

At Silverfort, we continue to add new identity protection features for our customers. To learn more about service account detection and protection, read our help center article, and stay tuned for more product updates coming very soon.

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