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Silverfort empowers organizations to secure their environments from identity threats such as account takeover, lateral movement and ransomware spread.

Our technology turns the tables on adversaries’ attack techniques, preventing in real time any attack that utilizes compromised credentials for malicious access to targeted resources.

This is why leading insurers rely on us to mitigate cyberattack risks for their clients.

Real-Time Protection Against Identity Threats

MFA Everywhere

Enforce MFA protection across all administrative access, including command-line access, legacy applications, file shares, and other resources that couldn’t be protected before

Securing Service Accounts

Gain full visibility into your service accounts’ inventory, activity, and behavior, and apply auto-created access polices to alert or block their access if they become compromised

Rapid and Effortless Deployment

Innovative technology that doesn’t rely on agents or proxies with no code changes required ensure the solution gets fully deployed in mere days

Gain insight into your environment’s security posture with Silverfort’s free Identity Security Assessment:


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