Leading Manufacturer Averted Lateral Movement: A Case Study

Case Study

Identity Protection: A Top Priority

This case study discusses a supply chain cyber incident where a leading manufacturer was attacked by nation-state actors who were attempting to move laterally from a compromised factory network to the manufacturer’s domain environment via laptops that were maliciously accessed while several of the company’s employees were visiting the factory. Fortunately, the manufacturer’s security team was able to thwart the attack by using Silverfort’s capabilities to prevent, detect, and respond to identity threats that use compromised credentials to access targeted resources.

In this case study you’ll learn about:

  • Typical supply chain risks in the interconnected cyber space
  • A new lateral movement flavor that traverses between different organizations
  • Mitigating the risk of NTLM authentications with Silverfort policies
  • Utilizing Silverfort’s logs for early threat detection