Silverfort Announces New Threat-Driven Multifactor Authentication App for the Palo Alto Networks Application Framework

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ANAHEIM, Calif., May 22, 2018 — Silverfort, which enables strong authentication across entire corporate networks and cloud environments without any modifications to endpoints and servers, today unveiled its threat-driven multifactor authentication app for the Palo Alto Networks® (NYSE: PANW) Application Framework. By combining the powerful threat detection capabilities of Palo Alto Networks with Silverfort’s agentless authentication technology, the new app will automatically enforce step-up authentication for suspicious users, based on real-time alerts from the Palo Alto Networks Application Framework. Upon indication from the Palo Alto Networks Application Framework, Silverfort gives suspected users a chance to prove their identity and continue to work, while effectively blocking malicious entities. The results can be provided as feedback to the Palo Alto Networks Application Framework, allowing security teams to focus on actual threats and reduce false positives.
Consuming cybersecurity innovations has become an arduous process. Organizations waste time deploying new sensors every time they want to collect a new piece of data and managing point products rather than improving security controls to stay ahead of attackers. The Palo Alto Networks Application Framework makes it easy to add new security capabilities quickly and efficiently. The framework extends the capabilities of the Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform, with a suite of APIs that developers can use to connect innovative apps with rich data, threat intelligence and enforcement points. Organizations gain immediate security value from apps developed by an open ecosystem of trusted innovators.
Silverfort offers a unique authentication platform for enterprises, which enables multifactor authentication and adaptive AI-based authentication without requiring any modifications to endpoints and servers. Using patent-pending technology, Silverfort can apply multifactor authentication even for systems that don’t support it today, including proprietary systems, IoT devices, shared folders, critical infrastructure and more. Silverfort allows its customers to deliver strong authentication across large, dynamic environments, without deploying any software agents or inline gateways.


  • “Joining the Palo Alto Network Application Framework allows us to deliver unique value for our customers. When trying to handle large numbers of security alerts, it’s not always clear when to apply automatic prevention. While real-time prevention is important, it often results in blocking of legitimate users. As part of the Palo Alto Networks Application Framework, we will be able to trigger step-up authentication based on real-time security alerts, and help companies achieve real-time prevention without reducing the productivity of their legitimate users.”
    – Hed Kovetz, CEO and co-founder of Silverfort
  • “We are delighted to welcome Silverfort to the Palo Alto Networks Application Framework developer community. The framework provides our customers with superior security through cloud-based apps developed by innovative security providers, large and small. Together, we are fueling innovation in the cybersecurity market with apps that are built rapidly, engineered on a common framework, and deliver unique value while solving our customers’ toughest security challenges.”
    – Lee Klarich, chief product officer, Palo Alto Networks


      • The Silverfort Authentication Platform is generally available, and the app will become available on the Palo Alto Networks Application Framework in August 2018.
      • The Palo Alto Networks Application Framework is targeted for availability in August 2018 and will be available worldwide to customers who have purchased either Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls or Traps advanced endpoint protection and the Logging Service subscription.

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