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Career CISO with experience working for organizations such as Bank of Hope and J.P Morgan Asset Management joins Unified Identity Protection leader 

Boston & Tel Aviv, 21 February, 2023Silverfort, a leader in Unified Identity Protection, today announced the appointment of John Paul Cunningham as Chief Information Security Officer. With over 24 years’ experience managing cyber risk at Fortune 100 companies – and another 8 years in the Fortune 1000 – John Paul will work with customers and partners to build an understanding of the strategic benefits of modern identity protection. In addition, he will also design and implement Silverfort’s own cybersecurity program.

In his previous role as CISO at Bank of Hope, John Paul was responsible for working with the board to build operating models designed to reduce cost and cyber risk, while also adhering to rigorous compliance standards. Prior to this, he held similar positions at Docupace, Ares Management and J.P. Morgan Asset Management building information security, risk management, and security operations programs from scratch.      

“Silverfort has built a unique proposition which not only has immediate tactical use, enabling MFA to protect resources such as Command Line Interfaces and ICS systems with MFA for example, but also has far-reaching strategic benefits.  Improving identity security posture has the potential to reduce a significant portion of risk, while also streamlining cost and complexity,” said John Paul Cunningham, Chief Information Security Officer, Silverfort  

“For too long organizations have relied on a narrow, piecemeal approach to identity security.  Silverfort is changing this – so it’s exciting to be a part of a team taking this to market,” he added.    

“It’s a privilege to have a seasoned operator such as John Paul join the growing team at Silverfort,” said Hed Kovetz, CEO, Silverfort.

“His experience operating at a senior level within large organizations will help us as we continue pushing into a greater number of enterprise environments. John-Paul’s background building risk management programs will also be invaluable as we scale our own security operations.”   

Silverfort extends modern identity security to the sensitive resources targeted by attackers, including those which couldn’t be protected previously, such as legacy applications, command line interfaces, service accounts and more.   

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