Identity Protection for Financial Services

Financial institutions are highly targeted by cyberattacks, as they hold a wealth of sensitive financial assets and customer information. In addition, they lack visibility into service accounts, use legacy systems that don’t support multi-factor authentication, and have fragmented identity infrastructures that prevent them from being protected from identity-related attacks.


Challenge 1

Low Visibility into Service Accounts

Without complete visibility, financial organizations cannot detect when service accounts have been compromised and used for malicious access, making them a prime target for lateral movement and ransomware attacks.

Challenge 2

Legacy systems don’t support MFA

Financial organizations rely heavily on legacy systems, many of which do not natively support MFA. In fact, 68% of financial organizations say legacy systems prevent them from implementing new identity components.

Challenge 3

Fragmented Identity Infrastructure

Fragmenting the different types of financial services environments creates a lack of visibility into the full context of each user account’s behavior, significantly reducing their ability to detect and prevent malicious authentications.


How Silverfort helps manufacturing companies overcome these challenges

Extend MFA to Legacy Applications

Extend your existing MFA solution to legacy applications that weren’t natively supported. This enables Silverfort to protect them with MFA, regardless of whether the application supports MFA.

Full Service Account Protection

Automatically discover and manage service accounts that were previously invisible to financial organizations. Configure policies that alert or block access in the event of compromised service accounts according to each account’s behavior.

Protecting Hybrid Environments

Silverfort’s integration with all IdPs enables it to monitor and analyze every user’s full authentication trail context and extend MFA to the entire on-prem environment, including resources that couldn’t be protected before.

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