When migrating homegrown and legacy applications to the cloud, security measures you had on-premises may no longer be effective. This is especially true when using a ‘lift-and-shift’ approach in which the application maintains its architecture, data flow and authentication mechanisms. Secure authentication and access is important for protecting such assets in the cloud, but integrating modern authentication standards into all of these existing apps and servers one-by-one is often not feasible.

Securing Access to Migrated Applications Without Agents, Proxies or Code Changes

Silverfort helps organizations smooth the migration process and ensure secure access to migrated applications without modifying them. Silverfort seamlessly enables the following:

  • Mapping the dependencies of systems before migrating them to the cloud
  • Enforcing secure authentication to migrated applications
  • Applying conditional access policies
  • Auditing all access to migrated applications
  • Enabling unified security policies across all sensitive systems – both on-premises and in the cloud

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Uniquely Suited to Address Security Needs of Migrated Systems

Silverfort’s next-generation authentication platform was designed to meet the needs of today’s modern networks. Unlike mainstream MFA solutions, it doesn’t require deployment of software agents or proxies, or any integration with the protected systems. This makes it uniquely suitable for securing homegrown and legacy applications whether they are running on-premises or while migrating them to the cloud.


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