Silverfort proactively prevents identity-based attacks by enforcing Risk Based Authentication (RBA) across all access attempts to network, on-prem and cloud resources. Silverfort’s visibility into all authentications in the hybrid environment enables to detect risky authentication attempts across on-prem and cloud environments.

MFA Everywhere

Go beyond traditional Multi Factor Authentication solutions to gain, for the first time, MFA prevention across all your sensitive enterprise resources

Resilient to Bypass

While standard MFA solutions protect only specific interfaces (e.g., web, RDP, VPN), Silverfort protects all types of access, including command-line interfaces that enable attackers to bypass standard MFA

Non-Intrusive Architecture

Silverfort’s innovative technology doesn’t require modifications to servers and applications, or deployment of proxies between them, enabling broader coverage and saving customers significant time and cost

Protect all your Resource and Access Interfaces

Enforce MFA protection on any sensitive resource, including ones that couldn’t be protected before:

  • Homegrown applications
  • Legacy systems
  • Admin access tools (including Remote PowerShell, WMI, PSExec and more)
  • File systems and databases
  • IT infrastructure
  • Industrial systems
  • Healthcare systems
  • Desktop login
  • RDP and SSH
  • SaaS applications
  • VPN
  • VDI and Citrix

Extend or Consolidate your Existing MFA Solutions

Extend the coverage of your existing MFA solution to resources and use cases that it couldn’t natively support, or even eliminate other MFA solutions that are being used in parallel to gain a more consistent user experience and lower costs

Fully Replace your Traditional MFA Solution

For customers looking to consolidate vendors and reduce costs, Silverfort can fully replace any MFA solution, delivering broader protection, simpler maintenance and significant savings with a single identity protection platform that addresses MFA, PAM and UEBA.