Service accounts are high-risk privileged accounts typically used for machine-to-machine communications and automated processes. They are typically privileged local or domain accounts – giving them the privileges that are required to perform the task. This makes them a prime target for attackers. Yet securing the use of these accounts is often a challenge.

Why are service accounts difficult to monitor and secure?

Since service accounts are typically used by multiple services and systems, changing the passwords of service accounts is usually painful. This is because the credentials of these accounts are often hardcoded into the systems and services using them. Manually changing the password of a single service account requires someone to map out all the systems that use that service account and make sure they are updated and can work with the new password. This also makes it difficult to manage service account passwords in a vault, which requires password rotation.

For most companies, this approach is not realistic. In addition, most IT groups do not have a clear picture of all the service accounts and their use across the organization.

Securing The Use Of Service Accounts Without Agents, Proxies or Password Changes

Silverfort enables organizations to seamlessly secure the use of service accounts, without making any changes to existing systems:

  1. Automatically Detecting Service Accounts: Silverfort monitors and analyzes all the access requests across the network. This allows it to quickly identify the repeatable behavior of service accounts. Within a short period, Silverfort can provide a complete list of all service accounts and their use across the organization.
  2. Continuously Monitoring the Use of Service Accounts: Silverfort continues to monitor the use of service accounts providing a detailed log and analysis of their behaviors.
  3. Actively Securing the Use of Service Accounts: Silverfort leverages an AI-driven Risk Engine to continuously analyze the behavior of service accounts. If it detects anomalies or known malicious patterns, Silverfort can alert in real-time, or block access to prevent the malicious action.



Image: Detecting, monitoring and securing the use of service accounts