Identity Protection for Financial Services: Key Insights from the State of the Identity Attack Surface Report


Cyberattacks on financial institutions are highly frequent due to the large amount of sensitive financial information and assets they hold.

In this eBook, we analyze data on financial services extracted from the State of the Identity Attack Surface report published by Silverfort and Osterman Research. In light of the new data, this eBook examines the different identity protection challenges that financial institutions face, including privileged accounts accessing sensitive information, a lack of visibility into service accounts, and the widespread use of legacy systems.

eBook Highlights:

  • 78% of organizations in the financial services sector reported experiencing identity-related breaches

  • Only 2.4% have full visibility into their service accounts

  • 68% rely on financial legacy systems, which prevent them from implementing new identity components

  • Only 32% have unified PAM capabilities across their on-premise and cloud environments