At Your Service: Seamlessly Securing the Use of Service Accounts

Date: Tuesday, October 29th, 9am PT / 12pm ET

Upcoming Webinar:
Tuesday, October 29th 9am PT / 12pm ET

Service accounts are high-risk privileged accounts typically used for machine-to-machine communications and automated processes. Such accounts are a prime target for attackers, due to the privileges they typically have and the fact that their passwords are rarely changed. Yet securing the use of these accounts is often a challenge, since there is no human to authenticate with MFA, and due their dependencies, it’s difficult to rotate their passwords.

Join this webinar to learn how Silverfort can seamlessly secure the use of service accounts. See how Silverfort can:

  • Automatically identify existing services accounts (including those you are unaware of) and monitor their use
  • Prevent unauthorized entities from hijacking service accounts – without requiring any agents, proxies or password changes
  • Provide full visibility and auditing regarding the use of service accounts
  • Continuously assess risk using an advanced AI-driven risk and trust engine

***** The webinar will include a live demo *****


Hed Kovetz, Silverfort Co-Founder and CEO

Hed brings a unique technical and leadership background, including product leadership roles at Verint, where he led the company’s nation-scale cybersecurity product and won the company’s innovation competition for his patent-pending inventions. Hed previously served as a Group Leader at the famous 8200 elite cyber unit of the Israel Defense Forces, where he received the unit’s excellence awards and the Chief of Intelligence Corps Award for Innovation. Hed holds an LL.B. from Tel Aviv University.

About Silverfort

Silverfort delivers adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) across all sensitive corporate assets on-prem and in the cloud from a unified platform, without deploying any software agents or inline proxies.

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