Feb 09, 2021

Why Unified IAM Visibility & Control is Key for Zero Trust Security

Unified IAM Visibility and Control and Zero Trust Security

Successful Zero Trust implementations focus heavily on telemetry and metrics derived from identities. Anything that has an identity must be considered and verified in order to achieve true Zero Trust security — users, services, devices and cloud assets. Monitoring these identities and their behavior enables deeper understanding of what an entity is doing to better identify and prevent malicious or unauthorized access.

Join Silverfort’s CEO and Co-Founder Hed Kovetz, and guest speaker Dr. Chase Cunningham, former Forrester VP and Principal Analyst for a discussion on the different aspects and the growing importance of identity in Zero Trust implementations.

Other topics covered in this series:

The Importance of Risk Analysis and Adaptive Policies in Zero Trust Security
• Why Service Accounts and Machine-to-Machine Access Should be Part of Any Zero Trust Initiative
Enabling Cloud Migration with Identity-Based Zero Trust

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