Feb 22, 2021

Why Service Accounts and Machine-to-Machine Access Should be Part of Any Zero Trust Initiative

With hundreds or even thousands of unsupervised, highly-privileged service accounts running in any modern organization, and given the difficulties of securing them, they often become a prime target for attackers. In the third part of this series, our guest speaker Dr. Chase Cunningham, former Forrester VP and Principal Analyst will explain why service accounts, used for machine-to-machine access, must be included in any Zero Trust initiative. Hed Kovetz will explain how Silverfort is automatically discovering, monitoring and securing these sensitive non-human accounts with self-learning Zero Trust policies, without requiring password changes.

Other topics covered in this series:

• Why Unified IAM Visibility and Control is Key for Zero Trust Security
• The Importance of Risk Analysis and Adaptive Policies in Zero Trust Security
• Enabling Cloud Migration with Identity-Based Zero Trust

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