Sep 22, 2020

Extending YubiKey FIDO2 Hardware Tokens to Any System and Interface with Silverfort

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Now more than ever, organizations need a holistic authentication solution to maximize security without disrupting productivity. An efficient way to do so is to strengthen weak static username/password credentials with strong FIDO2 hardware-backed public/private-key credentials.

In this session with Silverfort and Yubico experts, we’ll review the integrated solutions, discuss key customer use cases and explain how you can now:

  • Extend FIDO2 hardware-backed Multi-Factor Authentication to any system or interface
  • Enforce strong authentication without implementing software agents, changing application code, or using proxies
  • Take advantage of the integrated solutions to address various use cases


Jonathan Nativ, Sales Director, APAC at Silverfort

Jonathan Nativ is the Sales Director for APAC at Silverfort, the provider of agentless authentication solutions. Before moving into Sales, Jonathan managed all the Pre-Sales Activates at Silverfort for EMEA and APAC. Prior to that, Jonathan worked for 6 years at CyberArk software where he managed all Training Activates in EMEA and APAC as well as managing channel pre-sales activities in EMEA.
Jonathan holds a BA in IT Management from the Ben Gurion University as well as an MBA from Tel Aviv University.

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