Apr 30, 2019

Protecting the Unprotectable with Next-Generation Authentication

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Current IT revolutions such as Cloud, IoT and BYOD force dramatic changes upon corporate networks. With countless devices and services getting connected and no clear network boundaries, Identity has to be the new perimeter. Not trusting anyone by default, even those already inside the network perimeter has to be the new reality. The security model of Zero Trust.

Silverfort’s Next-Generation Authentication Platform can enforce secure authentication for any user on any system, including systems that were considered “Unprotectable” until today, without any modifications to endpoints and servers. This includes homegrown systems, IT infrastructure, IoT devices, dynamic IaaS environments and more. Silverfort enables organizations to address a wide variety of Zero Trust use cases and compliance needs, including secure migration of sensitive applications to the Cloud.

Watch this recorded webinar to learn:

  • Why passwords are no longer a reliable factor of authentication.
  • Why so many sensitive enterprise systems still aren’t protected by Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).
  • Why traditional MFA won’t cope with Zero Trust requirements.
  • How Silverfort’s technology allows full agent-less Adaptive Risk Based Authentication.


Dries Robberechts

Dries leads Silverfort’s business activities in EMEA. He has a background in development and systems engineering, consulting and software sales. Dries brings over 6 years of hands-on experience in enabling organizations successfully plan and roll out Strong Authentication and Privilege Management projects. Prior to joining Silverfort, Dries worked at CyberArk, the Privileged Access Security market leader, and the Proximus Group.

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