Apr 21, 2020


Silverfort CEO and Co Founder, Hed Kovetz Reviews Holistic Agentless Approach to Secure Authentication

Corporate networks have been going through dramatic changes in recent years, due to IT revolutions such as the cloud, IoT and BYOD. In this new reality, with countless devices and services all connected to each other without clear perimeters, verifying user identities and controlling their access to sensitive resources becomes more important than ever, but also far more difficult to achieve, says Hed Kovetz of Silverfort.

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  • The impact of trends, such as cloud, BYOD and IoT, and the growing need for secure authentication
  • The need to secure any-to-any communication and enforce true “zero trust” security policies
  • How Silverfort’s unified agentless approach for IAM is helping clients to address these challenges.

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